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Drive Sprocket

We offer superior quality and high performance products ,Customized goods accepted, we can make products according to your requirements.Good package,safe and quick delivery。


High quality and diversified products

High-quality raw material

Select domestic high-quality steel
manage the raw material with spectrograph
every product can be traced back to the furnace number of steels

Exquisite appearance

All the teeth of sprockets will be chamfered by special machines so as to make the apperance every perfect.

A strict quality control system

The strict qualitycontrolsystemensures thestable outputof products, improves the assembling efficiency of equipment manufacturers and thuslowers the cost. 

The application of our product:
Our products are widely used in Transportation equipment of light industry are as follows:
Agriculture: cleaning, disinfection, drying, packing, cooling, frozen vegetables,fruit, meat, aquatic products, seafood.
Food: instant noodles, rice noodles, snacks, box lunch bakery, pot, sugar.
Wine and drinks, mineral water, pure water, beverage, dairy, wine.
Medicine and chemical industry.
Electronics and battery.
Mechanical assembly, mechanical design, processing accessories.

Advantage for use

(1) with the gear dynamic comparison, it can be in the center of the du two axis apart far transfer movement and power under the condition of the dao; 
(2) can in low-speed, overloading, and under the condition of high temperature and dust float in the sky of bad environment; 
(3) compared with belt drive, it can guarantee the accurate average velocity ratio, the transmission power is larger, and the forces acting on the shaft and bearing of the smaller; 
(4) transfer efficiency is higher, general can reach 0.95 ~ 0.97; 
(5) the chain hinge wear, falls off phenomenon makes pitch get bigger. 6 high installation and maintenance requirements. The chain material is usually structural steel.

Like some power transmission parts such as pulleys, shafts, and couplings, sprocket is also a useful part for power transmission. It is a very popular and common gear or wheel that comes with metal teeth which meshes perfectly with a chain or track. The term pitch is used to refer to the distance between two sprockets. They do not allow gears to slip away and are specifically applied in cases where chains get engaged by gears or wheels. Besides, they are also used in cases of motors producing rotational motions. Industrial sprockets are essentially part of the chain drives. It is important in a chain drive that the sprocket should match with the type of chain used.

This kind of power transmission part is available in a variety of styles and types. Some manufactures adopt some specific sprocket making styles. For example, one type is a sprocket that has a hub extension on one side. One type is a sprocket that comes with a detachable bolt on a hub connected to a plate. There are still other types which are different from each other.


Sprockets have a wide use of applications. They are used as farm implements in a seed-cum-fertilizer drill. They have a very popular application in the bicycle sector. There are typically two sets of sprockets in a bicycle, i.e. the front sprocket and the rear sprocket. Often they are also known as the driving sprocket and the driven sprocket. It is common that the sprocket has automobile applications. In two wheeler scooters, sprocket is typically a wheel that has metal teeth. The chain rides upon it. They are imperative for a smooth mobility of two wheelers. In addition, they are even used in the film transport mechanisms of movie projectors and movie cameras. In this case, the sprocket wheels engage film perforations in the film stock.

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Our products has passed ISOISO9001 international quality system authentication, CE, FDA, SGS and so on. Researching and developing new products continuously. On the basis of mutual benefit, we will meet your requirements with sufficient inventory, reasonable price and complete service systems.

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